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Gallimaufry Attic is a unique and awesome consignment store where we sell your items for you and take a percentage of the selling price. A clean and pleasant place to shop, we do all the work for you! 
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What makes us better than a garage sale is that we're open even when it's raining! At our shop, your items can be on sale for months. You don't have to deal with setting up and tearing down tables or staffing the sale yourself.
Setting Up a Household

A Hodgepodge of Items

Let us consign jewelry, clothing, and other items for you. In addition to buying and selling items, we also offer a wide variety of plants, trees, flowers, and more for sale. Our prices are affordable and all sales are final.
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According to Merriam-Webster, 'gallimaufry' has origins back to the 16th Century when Middle-French-speaking cooks made a meat stew called galimafree. It is a synonym of 'hodgepodge.'

According to the Oxford Dictionary, 'gallimaufry' is a confused jumble or medley of things.

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