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How We Got Our Name

Mary Lou
That’s a question we get at Gallimaufry Attic all the time. One summer, we were having a family picnic. I was new to the family at the time and heard one of the children ask my mother-in-law if they could go to the gallimaufry. I’d never heard that word before. On the way home, I asked Marty what a gallimaufry was. Marty said to ask her mom. 

After several weeks, we were on our way back to the farm, and I couldn’t even remember the word. After saying it a couple of dozen times, we reached the farm and I went in and asked Mary Lou what a gallimaufry was. 

She smiled and took me upstairs to the attic. It was like nothing I’d ever seen. 
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All along the wall were small shelves filled with things the kids had made over the years, pictures, knickknacks, and mementos. There were boxes, trunks, chairs, clocks, and collections of Coca-Cola memorabilia. In the middle of the room was a dining room table with a lace tablecloth, a centerpiece, and tea cups. Mary Lou is a member of the Victorian Women’s Club and has hosted her group there for tea.

It was so unique and full of things that held memories of generations past. Not until years later when we were cleaning the gallimaufry did I get to see all the secrets stored in the boxes and trunks and hear some of the stories behind those items on the shelf. I decided I loved that word and remembered it when Cyndi and I decided to open the consignment store. But that’s a story for another time.

Visit us at 26 N. State Street, Suite 200, in Zeeland today!

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Gallimaufry Attic shop
Affordable prices
More than 20 years of experience
Locally and family owned and operated
Conveniently located
Unique consignment store with lots of items
Respond to inquiries within 48 hours
All sales are final
Buy and sell items on consignment
Consignment items
Arts and crafts and DIY projects
Housewares, jewelry, clothing, and antiques
A hodgepodge of other treasures
Plants, trees, and flowers for sale
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