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- Mother Teresa

Charity or Cause of the Quarter!

One of the many ways Gallimaufry Attic gives back to the local community is by supporting many charities. This includes our "quarterly charity." Based on nominations from people like you, we'll donate a percent of that quarter's sales to a worthy cause. Call 616-741-9966 to nominate a nonprofit group that needs our help.
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Outreach to the community is very important to Gallimaufry Attic. That is why, every quarter, we like to help groups raise money for a special cause or the smaller non-profits raise money for their cause. 

This can be done by selling candy bars, a product or craft, household items, or almost anything that we feel comfortable selling at our store. A link explaining about this event will be posted to your organization from our website. 

We’ll give your cause a space and a table to be staffed on scheduled times in the store. You can place your brochures and information on our outreach table. We will collect monetary donations if provided, with a charity donation container and more, depending on the need. 

First step in this process is to be nominated by filling out the simple nomination form. After the organization or group nomination has been accepted, we will need several things for the organization to do:
  • Provide us with a sign or poster of the organization or cause. If desired, it will be posted in the store and online to introduce the groups’ cause. This can be prepared professionally or created by the organization.
  • Provide a short history of the organization or cause, statement of purpose, and a copy of their logo - all to be introduced on our website. If you have a website, we can link that too.
  • If it is decided to contribute to the store’s stock, we will need the organization to announce to their patrons about the fundraiser and ask them to collect items for us to sell in the store for them. These must be clothing in good, clean condition and on hangers, small household decorations, and other items similar to those sold in a garage sale, crafts, or other handmade items. We will provide a list of items that we don’t accept. All the items can be collected by one or two people and brought to the store by appointment for pricing. Please don’t have people just bring in the things to the store, as it tends to be disruptive when not done by appointment.
The applications can be emailed to info@gallimaufryattic.com, brought directly to the store, faxed, or sent by Pony Express. The next quarter begins on 1st of October. Applications need to be submitted by 1st of September. 

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Cheryl & Cyndi
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